The Best of Both Worlds

More flexible than in-house R&D thanks to a start-up structure, more focused on particular issues than a pure research department, Syroco helps companies invent their future through pioneering achievements.

Pioneering feats impose an intense innovation cycle that builds a bridge between exploration and application. With Syroco, we are in a unique position. In essence, we can perpetually focus on prospecting to stimulate innovation while remaining relevant to the business.

The path traced by our objectives - these pioneering feats - allows us to identify and generate breakthrough innovations. To serve our ambitions, we are developing exploration and discovery research that stimulates innovation while enjoying great freedom.

Well-positioned to reverse paradigms, this research must also meet the challenge of economic profitability. And in this regard, Syroco is the natural partner for specific industries: hydro- and aerodynamics, modelling and simulation, data mining - those are at the heart of our DNA and are essential components of the transportation and energy sectors.

Players in these markets must adapt to significant economic and societal transformations, massively oriented towards sustainability and the development of new organizational typologies. Syroco places its scientific and technical laboratory at the disposal of companies wishing to create value and meet the environmental challenges they face. This way, it generates innovation very close to the market to support them in achieving their business objectives.

Syroco thus offers companies the opportunity to capitalize without risk on research that is free to remain audacious, because it is external to their structure, and to benefit from the byproducts of this research aligned with their needs and objectives.

Change is rarely easy. But in a company as in life, changing is also the opportunity to improve, to free oneself from habits that are not sustainable, and to advance on new grounds to create better conditions for development. With this in mind, Syroco helps its partners mark out the path.

Bertrand Diard, Co-founder & Chairman, Syroco