Forward & Beyond

Syroco is a Climate Tech startup that supports the energy transition of maritime transportation. The solutions and applications developed by Syroco enable fleet operators, cargo owners, naval architects & shipyards to meet the economic and environmental challenges they face.

The Syroco Manifesto
Pioneering Spirit

The pioneering spirit and thirst for discovery are at the heart of Syroco’s DNA, through elite sports, design, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

Sustainable & Committed

Syroco teams are aware of environmental and human issues. They are committed to creating value not only for companies, but also for humanity.

Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence is a foundation of humankind. Individual performance is amplified within a team.


Delivering on bold ambitions requires excellence in commitment and execution. Risk-taking is intrinsic to Syroco’s pioneering achievements and adds to the stakes.



Syroco’s first endeavour was to design and develop a speed craft designed to shatter the sailing speed record.

Keeping true to its pioneering spirit and thirst for discovery, the research made it possible to question fundamental paradigms in naval architecture, giving birth to Syroco’s digital twin and simulation engines. 

The quest for the speed record empowered the team to activate the foundational force of Syroco: develop impactful technology for the maritime world. 

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