No more ‘fish and chips’

When we picked a name for our ship efficiency optimisation platform, we thought EfficientShip was brilliant. Turns out it wasn’t. Pronounced with a French accent, the one we tend to be afflicted with in the Syroco team, it quickly gets confused with a typical fish-based meal, the kind that is served with chips (or French fries depending on which side of the Atlantic you live). 

Joking aside (it is usually easy to dispel the misunderstanding), we recently decided that we needed to realign our brand and our mission as a company. As a Climate Tech startup that supports the energy transition of maritime transportation, we wanted to have a strong and focused brand, reflective of our core expertise. 

We have therefore decided to centre our branding efforts on Syroco. The platform (software and services) we offer will, from now on, be known as the Syroco platform. The solution that is deployed on board vessels for weather routing and voyage optimisation is now named Syroco Live. On the design side (building digital twins, testing configurations, etc.) we find Syroco Design. And we will soon announce more products and services - stay tuned.