Pushing Technology in New Directions

Do you ever feel like you're playing a video game while driving? The idea is very similar: a dashboard, a real-time display for events (with breathtaking graphics), controls that you manipulate without looking at them. 

Probably the first, BMW understood this and has used it as an inspiration to evolve the driver experience.

In 2001, the automotive manufacturer introduced iDrive: a tool to control the car's navigation, entertainment, and monitoring system. And if you've tested it, you've noticed how easy it is to use.

The system is very intuitive because its ergonomics are directly inspired by modern video game controllers (especially Microsoft's Xbox). This technology (the joystick) was designed to allow gamers to control a computer while keeping their attention on the events displayed on-screen, without affecting their reactivity. And that's exactly what drivers need: a way to control the onboard computer without reducing their focus on the road.

And you, what video game concept would you like to implement elsewhere?