Innovation Beyond Industrial Borders

Every time you fold or unfold your baby's stroller, you're using technology developed for aviation by one of the engineers (and testers) of the famous Supermarine Spitfire, a British fighter plane! 

At Syroco, we are in love with this phenomenon, which is essential in sharing technological advances. 

In 1937, Owen McLaren designed a landing gear capable of withstanding crosswinds, in which the main wheels could be adjusted to a steering angle diverging from the straight line to allow planes to crab land safely (yes, planes don't always land straight!).

A young grandfather, Owen McLaren took up his concept again after seeing his daughter struggle with a conventional stroller at the airport. Using his knowledge of lightweight, foldable structures (he had a pretty good track record for that), he created a new generation of baby carriers in 1964 - and at the same time inspired the design of many folding objects later on (like the Strida bike). 

Produced from the '70s onwards, this type of stroller is still the industry standard today. 

And you, what technical concepts or technologies transferred from one sector to another spark your imagination? Which ones would make your life easier?