Syroco announces partnerships with Spire and Theyr

Through partnerships with Spire and Theyr, Syroco leverages maritime weather and routing optimisation for reducing ship carbon emissions

Spire’s space-powered weather forecasting and Theyr’s AI-driven voyage optimisation are now available for all users of Syroco EfficientShip to optimise routing and configuration of ships, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions


October 12, 2023 - Syroco, the Climate Tech startup that supports the energy transition of maritime transportation, announced today that it is partnering with Spire, a global provider of space-based data, analytics and services, and Theyr, a technology company specialising in AI voyage optimisation solutions. 

Under the terms of the partnerships, Theyr will be delivering to the Syroco EfficientShip digital twin platform their state of the art, multi objective performance optimisation algorithms, and Spire their highly accurate metocean (weather and sea conditions) data. Leveraging these complementary embedded technologies, the digital twin platform computes optimised routes that reduce fuel consumption and emissions while accounting for constraints such as expected time of arrival. 

Space powered weather data

With the world’s largest constellation of 100+ multipurpose satellites that use radio occultation technology, Spire captures precise atmospheric measurements and delivers high-quality weather data to enhance forecasting accuracy. Spire has revolutionised the way weather information is gathered, offering high-quality observations and predictions of metocean data.

Advance voyage performance optimisation based on a genetic algorithm

Theyr’s route optimisation is the first AI-based multi-objective optimisation engine for the shipping industry, capable of simultaneously optimising for objectives that include time, fuels and emissions. Using high fidelity metocean data, the solution’s genetic algorithms result from a decade of academic research and development from the AI team at the University of Southampton and the Alan Turing Institute. Theyr’s solution features a unique modular design for third-party integration. 

Alex Caizergues, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Syroco, explained: “Syroco has chosen to partner with best-in-class technology providers to deliver weather-optimised routes to our users. Integrating Theyr’s routing engine and Spire’s space-powered weather data with Syroco EfficientShip, we are able to offer a world-class multiobjective voyage optimisation solution that produces actionable insights for ship operation and has a measurable impact on fuel consumption and emissions.”

Peter Mantel, Chief Commercial Officer of Theyr, added: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work closely with our partners by integrating Syroco’s high-fidelity digital twins of ships and Spire’s Weather Data Services into our T-VOS Voyage Optimisation Performance Engine, which is now commercially available in the Syroco EfficientShip digital platform. This is an excellent example of how industry can partner to deliver operational efficiencies and significantly reduce the carbon footprint for each voyage.” 

Mike Eilts, General Manager of Weather and Earth Intelligence at Spire, further added: “Accurate weather information is critical to optimising maritime routes and reducing fuel consumption and emissions. By integrating our weather data into Syroco's platform, we're taking a significant step toward ensuring safer and more efficient voyages while significantly contributing to environmental sustainability.”